What is “For Our Children” all about? This Website, “For Our Children” provides news & articles with videos and photos to report on today’s Reconstruction of Japan after 3.11 in Tohoku Regions and Neighboring Prefectures surrounding the Disaster stricken Areas by the Earthquake and the Tsunami. We believe that the following media content will become helpful guidance for the next generation of the future in this nation. We will keep sending our message about the change in lifestyle of this Nation since we have discovered many new values of the people we interviewed after the disaster. We have also noticed of that we have concretely contributed to the encouragement of the public to support the reconstruction by using our own media throughout many interviews & collecting data at the disaster-stricken areas. We will continue to report on the sort of items and skills needed at the stricken areas, by providing articles as concrete examples over this website.   What is the Recovery Assistance Media Team (RAMT)? This website is produced by the the Recovery Assistance Media Team (RAMT). Even though a reconstruction system has been organized by the Government after 3.11 this initiative is not yet in reality sufficiently well-organized to offer help to the victims at the stricken areas, which were plagued by harmful rumors about the long-term perspective. Consequently this organization, “RAMT”, has been established in order directly to help the people and the future of Japan. We have cooperated with residents (proprietors, teachers, and fishermen, etc) at the Areas as the “key persons” for our media-production from our base in the Non Profit Organization, “The Visual Media Producers Association, http://www.apvi-npo.org/).”   Each of us, the RAMT members, recognize our responsibility as “medium” and will continue to support the reconstruction of the Stricken Areas.   Our purpose is: 1. To build the information systems to support long-term rehabilitation to help the people who have been affected by the 3.11 disaster in Tohoku and neighboring regions. 2. To produce and deliver the media-information to mitigate the impact of damage done to the reputation of individuals and organizations by harmful rumors. 3. To deliver the local information to the world through videos, photographs, and text media articles using Facebook with appropriate English translation. *Facebook Page: Recovery Assistance Media Team 4. To operate the accurate and effective information system to determine the needs of the affected areas.   Our Specific Measures are: 1. To improve information sharing by visualizing the local needs from a coverage by partnering with the logistics of aid, and cooperating with government & non-government groups and key persons. 2. To mitigate the impact of damage to the reputations of individuals and organizations caused by harmful rumors by placing in relative context the anxiety factors and delivering concrete facts collected from the affected areas. 3. To promulgate a “Cool Japan” image throughout the world, and to enhance the pride of the Japanese by providing “cool-media” output from selected sources. 4. To pass the camera to the children of the stricken areas and have them take a lot of photos through their eyes – giving the children’s point of view. It is felt that an engagement within and from outside the regions would be enhanced by delivering those pictures to the public.   Contact E-mail:info1@apvi-npo.org *This is the same email address to share with the Non Profit Organization, “The Visual Media Producers Association, http://www.apvi-npo.org/).   Activity History [March] 20th, Founded the Recovery Assistance Media Team 26-27th, Visited to Aizu Wakamatsu for coverage.   [April] 4-5th, Coverage at Sendai. 9-10th, Coverage at Iwate. 15-17th, Coverage at Miyagi. 20th, Reported to the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) for the First Reconstruction Measures Front Conference. 26th, Reported to the Keypeson Conference.   [May] 1st-4th, Coverage at Kesennuma, Sendai, and Aizu Wakamatsu. 17-19th, Coverage at Minami Soma, Kesennuma, and Kamaishi. 26th, Reported to the METI.   [June] 7th, Reported to the Kyeperson Conference. 11th, Broadcasted on the BS12 TV Channel – “The Textbook for Future” (3:00am-4:00am on every other Saturday). 13th, Reported in the Second Reconstruction Measures Front Conference (Sendagaya). 20th-21st, Coverage at Kesennuma. 22nd, Coverage at Mito and Sahara.   [July] 5-8th, Lectured at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. 15th, Coverage for Sahara Festival. 19th-21st, Coverage at Sendai, Kesennuma, Bandai Atami, and Minami Aizu. 27th, Coverage at Sendai.   [August] 1st, Coverage at Tokyo. 3rd, Coverage at Aizu Wakamatsu for The 35th All Japan High School Cultural Festival in Fukushima 2011. 5th-7th, Coverage at Soma and Iidatemura. 12th, Coverae at kamaishi. 18th, Coverage at Morioka for The 11th All Japan Junior High School Cultural Festival in Iwate. 30th, Coverage at Sendai.   [September] 16th, Coverage at Tokyo. 17th, Coverage at Tokyo. 21st, Coverage at Tome. 23rd-25th, Coverage at Kamaishi, Kesennuma, and Koriyama. 26th, Reported in the Third Reconstruction Measures Front Conference. 27th, Coverage at Kesennuma for “The Sea Samurai Project” meeting.   [October] 2nd, Our President took the rostrum at the “Farm Aid Ginza” in Tokyo. 9th, Coverage at Sawara. 17th, The Message for Future “Photo Exhibition – For Our Children -” had started at the Haneda International Airport until December 27th. 24th, Reported the RAMT Activities by our President at the Key-person Conference in Tokyo. 26-27th, Coverage at Fukushima. 30th, Coverage and Meeting for the “Sea Samurai Project.” Our President attanded to the TedxTohoku in Sendai.
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