“Message for our Future” – Photograph Exhibition from 17 Oct ~ 27 Dec 2011

posted 06/10/2011 category Blog, News
posted2011/10/06 category Blog, News Here are the details for the opening of the photography exhibition “Message for Our Future” at Haneda International Airport. Messages from children who wish to view their future with hope. If you have a chance to visit to the Haneda Airport please stop by this exhibition. Monday, October 17th – Monday, December 26th Haneda International Airport – the special site in front of the 65 Boarding Gate at the Terminal 2 Haneda International Airport – the Baggage Claim at the Terminal 1 & the Terminal 2 From the disaster-stricken areas of Tohoku to the rest of the world, and to the people of the future, we wish to share the following: Since the massive earthquake of March 11 the people of Northern Japan have been working tirelessly and with superhuman strength to get their lives back together, working with unprecedented energy and positivism. Through this exhibition we want to send this positive energy from the disaster-stricken areas to the rest of the world, and into the future. The purpose of this photographic exhibition is to listen to the voices of the children of the Tohoku area, who have experienced these situations, feelings and emotions, and support them as they go forward into the future. Poster for detail: A4-sized poster (Japanese Only)
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