Mr. Sai & Mr. Yoriki – “The Relationship”

posted 27/07/2011 category Interview
Mr. Sai and Mr. Yoriki who is the students from Tohoku University.  They have crisscrossed all over to open up a new market for fishermen of Kesennuma in.  There is no enough space to clean a big fish like a swordfish in this Area.  While they were looking for the appropriate place which has a central kitchen they had met Mr.  Chiba from the Mighty Chibajuu Co.,Ltd.  The have expressed their gratitude how important to get connect to others they cannot usually be associated with and have new experience from those people.  They said that they would be dead only one step away from the Tsunami.  They started to think to live their lives to the fullest with joy to be kept alive.  (*No English dubbing & subtitles available.)

[Day] July 27th, 2011

[Place] Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture

[Interview] Yuji Yoriki, Heikou Sai

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