The Third Reconstruction Measures Front Conference

posted 20/09/2011 category News
This is the third time of the “Reconstruction Measures Front Conference” which is the convention (meeting) implemented by the public and private sectors working in coordination of prompt reconstruction for the 3.11 Disaster with each other. The agenda of this conference concerns about “education,” “human resource cultivation,” and “lifestyle” to let the representatives from the administration, private enterprises, and NPO take the rostrum to tackle this task of the reconstruction by with the people at Tohoku together. Here are the keypersons: 1). Mr. Mamoru Tomizawa and his sister, Ms. Mari Tomizawa, from the Tomizawa Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd. in Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture. (Japanese Only) Their brewery is located from 3.6km away from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and they are now prohibited to return to the brewery. But they believe that they would encourage the people of the spot if they would work to recover their hometown. Mr. Shinya Wanatabe from Aoi Financial Institute Co.,Ltd. which has an office in both Sendai and Fukushima. (Japanese Only) He is a business finance consultant who wuold support small business owners such as farmers how to manage funds like subsidiary aid, compensation, and allowance, etc. He will also help Tomizawa Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd. Mrs. Kazue Saito from Saikichi Shoten Co.,Ltd. in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. (Japanese Only) She will give a speech to share you about splendid culture and traditions of the Japanese gourmet (donburi) she has developed new menu since June. She thought that she has to change something new from the situation after the disaster and must tell what they have realized to the people of next generation. Tohoku University students who have supported fushermen in Kawakuwa will also attend to the conference. Please feel free to visit the conference to listen their speech! (Download the detail in word document in Japanese only) 110926 第3回復興関連施策フロント会議
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