Ishinomaki Rock Fes ! (Oct.09.2011)

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Ishinomaki Rock Fes (Oct.09.2011) posted2011/09/30 category Blog, News Hello. This is Sato from the Akita Branch of the Recovery Assistance Media Team. After the six months from the Reconstruction for the Disaster Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture will hold the Rock Festival on this coming up Sunday, October 9th! The concept of this Rock Festival is the “Independent Spirit.” The concept from the phrase seems like the definition of just “being independent” to me, but it actually has another definition of “one unity” to all. Even though every one of us has own belief, we still have been united to become as “one” company towards our common goal. I’m so impressed of the phrase as the most proper concept to represent the situation of various people working toward the “one goal” for the reconstruction. Different people from different position & situation are working altogether toward to the one goal. This Rock Festival has been expanded by Twitter to all over Japan, and many celebrity including showbiz has sent their great messages to the people for the Fest. Despite the opening of the first round, I’m surprised that the Festival has attracted a great deal of public attention. The Official Website (Japanese Only) [Date] October 09, 2011 [Time] 10:00-19:00 (doors open at 09:00) [Place] Sant Juan Park (Miyagi Sant Juan Bautisa Museum) [Map] [Promoter] Ishinomaki Rock Fes Executive Committee I believe that the Festival will give people encouragement and support. Let’s walk toward the sea with positive attitude.
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